Tax Return Preparation Services: Drop And Go!

When you just do not have time to meet with the tax prep person, you can take advantage of a service offered by some tax return preparation services. It is often referred to as the "drop and go" service, and it is best suited for people with extremely busy schedules. Here is more about that service and how to make it work smoothly for you.

The Drop and Go Tax Service

First off, you have to call a tax return prep service and request the "drop and go" service. They will connect you to a tax prep professional/accountant. Then the tax prep professional will give you a list of everything you need to gather together and drop off. Once you have everything collected, drop it at the front desk at the tax prep office. Be sure to have the receptionist give it to your assigned tax prep professional. He or she will then work on your tax return while you are at work or running errands. You will have to stop back in the office and electronically sign the tax form, but that is it.

How to Make the Process Work Smoothly for You

The biggest part about this particular service is making sure you have everything the tax prep professional has requested. It reduces the need to contact you via phone or text to answer questions or get more information from you. The idea is to have everything you need and everything in order so that all the tax prep professional has to do is look at your W2s and other tax-related forms and enter the information into the electronic tax forms. If you leave important information or documents out, the tax prep professional has to pause your return and wait for you to respond and/or drop off the missing documents. This slows down an ordinarily fast process and defeats the purpose of the "drop and go" tax service, so make sure you have everything together and ready to go.

Additionally, drop your tax info off on a day when you know you will be able to return in a few hours or just after work to e-sign. Your taxes can be completed within a few short hours, sometimes less. As soon as you stop back in and e-sign the forms, your tax prep professional can print you a copy and e-file your taxes for you. Also, be ready to pay for the "drop and go" service, unless the tax prep business accepts payments via your refund advance payment. Contact a tax preparation expert like Mary Anne Bohlinger  CPA LLC for more information,