5 Reasons To Invest In Payroll Services For Your Company

When you own or manage a business, you have a lot of everyday responsibilities to ensure that things go smoothly and well! If you manage employees, you also need to consider their well being and make sure that you handle all of their needs. Payroll is an important task that can frustrate a lot of business owners. The good news is there are professionals out there who can help with payroll processing so there is a lot less stress. Read More 

How State Unemployment Tax Affects The Federal Unemployment Tax Rate

Unemployment insurance programs are administered by each of the various states. The states assess a payroll tax on employers to pay for ongoing and future unemployment claims. In addition to the state tax, most employers are also subject to a smaller federal unemployment tax on their payroll. Each state unemployment program is interrelated to the federal unemployment program. Employers file a separate tax return to report their federal unemployment tax, also known as FUTA. Read More 

4 Smart Retirement Moves To Make In Your 30’s

If you are just entering your 30's, or are in the middle of your 30's, you have a lot of time to make smart choices that will allow you to have a nice nest egg saved up when you retire. Pension plans offered through companies, which used to provide employees with generous retirement plans, are very rare these days, so you need to make sure that you are taking steps on your own to develop retirement pension plans. Read More 

Adapt To An Influx Of Customers And Handle Your Business Needs

If you own an independant landscaping business and have decided to hire some additional crew members this spring so that you can expand your business and serve an influx of residential and commercial customers who live in the surrounding area, you probably realize that your work duties will increase and that at times you may be swamped with fulfilling customers wishes. Use the following suggestions to help you adapt to the increase in customers and your employees needs. Read More