Adapt To An Influx Of Customers And Handle Your Business Needs

If you own an independant landscaping business and have decided to hire some additional crew members this spring so that you can expand your business and serve an influx of residential and commercial customers who live in the surrounding area, you probably realize that your work duties will increase and that at times you may be swamped with fulfilling customers wishes. Use the following suggestions to help you adapt to the increase in customers and your employees needs.

Hire An Accountant

An accountant can handle a plethora of duties and will make sure that your business is on the right track so that you gain money and are not in danger of facing a financial loss. An accountant will look over the paperwork associated with your business and can alleviate you from needing to handle payroll or accounts receivable and payable.

An accountant can help you cut corners by determining if you are receiving the best deal for the landscaping products that you purchase. If another vendor sells supplies for an amount that is substantially less, you will be guided into making a switch so that the materials you purchase in the future are priced less than what you paid before. 

Store Materials And Check Inventory Often

A small storage shed that is placed on your property can be used to store landscaping materials that you and your staff members use on a routine basis. After purchasing a storage shed and having it set up on your land, fill it with the materials that are used most often.

Place materials in stacks and set them on top of pallets so that you can easily count materials and see what you have on hand. Check inventory often and order supplies as needed so that you never run out of vital supplies that your landscaping crew needs to complete a job. 

Create A Gameplan Each Week

A large calendar or a dry erase board can be used to plan the landscaping projects that need to be completed on a weekly basis. As customers call in, write down the date and time of the project that they wish to have completed, as well as the number of workers and the type of supplies that will be needed to finish each job.

At the end of the work week, sit down with your staff members to discuss impending jobs and to assign various crew members to each task so that all of the jobs are completed on time and so that customers are satisfied with projects that they have hired your business for. 

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